Mr. Bake, owned by Celebrity Chef, Kareem Queeman, is characterized by a passion for creative design, cakes that make bold statements, and dessert art pieces that move one to think, feel, discover, and celebrate all facets of the human experience.  At our core, we believe that baking is a form of artistic
expression.  As with all art, the overarching goal is to positively impact the world by making a difference. 

    Hailing from New York City, Mr. Queeman began his bake journey at 5 years old under the encouragement and tutelage of his grandmother. He later formalized his education by graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts in 2009. In 2010, Kareem was handpicked to assist in opening and establishing
a new bakery in McLean, Virginia called Fluffy Thoughts Cake. Through this experience Kareem sought to strengthen both his knowledge and skill set by subsequently learning every aspect of running a successful bakery; wholesale baking, cake decorating, front counter, dessert catering, and client  management & acquisition.

   Currently, Mr. Bake is committed to baked goods that push boundaries in both flavor and artistic design. Due to the taste and artistry of our creations, notable accomplishments are:

* WINNER: Cake Boss Bake It Like Buddy Discovery Family
* WINNER: America’s Best Baker
* RUNNER UP: Girl Scout Baking Championship Food Network
* FOUNDER: Bake with Mr. Bake You Tube


With a focus on greater inclusivity of men of color on major food networks, Mr. Bake is dedicated to opening pathways that ensure diversity in all facets of prime-time media. We believe in the power of community and are dedicated to empowerment of those considered by some as disenfranchised. 

Through our community and corporate partners, we have served such esteemed clients as:

* Entertainment & Retail Corporations such as BET, Disney, 21 st Century Fox,      Universal Pictures,

* NBC, Fox, and Target
* Government, School, & Nonprofit Organizations; United States Air Force,     Prince George’s
* County Government, George Washington University, Meridian Public Charter    School, The Human Rights Campaign, NGLCC, Impulse Group DC, and Us          Helping Us

    Mr. Bake Sweets caters to customers of all ages and ethnicities by providing stellar desserts, top tier customer service and attention to detail. We believe in celebrating triumphs of the human spirit, whether personal or shared. With innovative shaped themed cakes and desserts, a focus on community, and a commitment to empowerment, Mr. Bake, LLC is honored to provide delicacies for any occasion. Passion. Artistry. Inclusivity. Community. Baking the world a better place, one cake at a time.